Taff Ely Indoor Bowls Centre

Taff Ely Indoor Bowls Centre

Taff Ely History

There are two sections on this page, that are well worth looking at. One covers the history behind our Club Badge used by the indoor bowlers, and the most important part, the Welsh National Anthem. Please scroll down and enjoy some of the history behine this club and Pontypridd.



Our Club Badge, is significant to both Taff Ely and Wales. The design is very similar to the Taff Vale Railway, Coat of Arms badge which is pictured below (in 1836). Both badges have a 'belt' around it, which signifies the 'pulling together' of all parts of Taff Ely, and the Railways.

The original TVR badge had a 'Goat' on top, and the 'Crest' (colours) of Owain Glyndwr, the original Prince of Wales. The Crest had four segments, and a Lion (passive or otherwise) in each section, red on gold and gold on red (see below).


The Taff Ely Indoor Badge insert shows the Welsh Dragon on a green background, which is representative of our Welsh Flag. This is seen on most things Welsh, and is a significant part of Welsh history

The Coat of Arms on the Dragon is split into four segments, as was Owain Glyndwr's.

Only the top right segment of our Coat of Arms has a Lion on it, a passive one. This is shown as a walking Lion, while a more aggressive Lion would be standing more upright. Both these type of Lions, are seen on Glyndwr's flags. 

The bottom right segment is of our National Feathers, with 'Ich Dien' printed below (meaning 'I serve'). This is typical of a lot of Welsh Badges and Coats of Arms. And especially the Welsh Rugby Shirts.

The bottom left segment, is that of the Taff Vale Railway (TVR), from where our Club origins came from. Our actual building was once the 'Old Goods Yard' for the railway in Pontypridd. Over part of our bar within our Club, there are two castings of the TVR arched over the serving area. These were two of the castings that supported the Taff Vale Railway canopy, above the distribution area of the Goods Yard.

See the two pictures below, from Mr. John Hutton's book on the TAFF VALE RAILWAY - Miscellany. The pictures show the iron castings that are over our bar, and a view from the railway lines behind the Indoor Bowls Stadium, in January 1985

The top left segment is somewhat of a puzzle, in that at the moment we cannot determine what the Three Stars represent. We think the three stars, represent the Rhondda Cynon Taff areas. If any people do know what these signify, then please come forward and see us at the Indoor Club. Or just call us on 01443 491952. Thank you.     






Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

In the centre of Ynysangharad Park in Pontypridd, you will find a very important memorial in the history of Wales. The monument, (pictured above), was made in honour of two very important Welshmen. They were Evan James (1809 - 1878) and James James (1832 - 1902) who were father and son, both of Pontypridd. They were inspired by a deep and tender love of their native land, who united poetry to song and gave to Wales Her National Hymn 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau'. The Welsh National Anthem.