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Please let us know about anything regarding our Indoor Bowls Club, or other interesting information for our weekly updates. Also, please let your family and friends know about our new web site, and help create the interest in the surrounding areas. The Taff Ely Club are always on the lookout for new players, so if you know anyone who may be interested, please encourage them to come and see our Stadium. Thank you.

Our phone number is 01443 491952. or contact us via email, or contact Colin Jones - cjones383@btinternet.com  


3 April 2022: The final league table of season 2021-22 has been displayed, and if you have any concerns, please contact James Wason. You will also see it on our Facebook page. I hope you have all entered your teams for season 2022-23, it is most important for formulating the leagues for the new season. Thank you. Thank you for all your support during our indoor season, and good luck to you all who play outdoors this summer.   

18 March: The Internal league table has been updated, as of week 21, the 20th March. This is also on our Facebook page. Three of the leagues have been decided, as you can see. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. 

17 March 2022:Steve Richards has asked me to inform you, that due to players in more than one of the Open Finals competition, that he has had to change the dates. The new dates are:

Wednesday 23rd March 6pm - Pairs final;
Friday 25th March 6pm - Rinks final;
Monday 28th March 6pm - Singles final;
Wednesday 30th March 6pm - Triples final.

Please make an effort to support the players in these finals. Thank you.   

15 March 2022: Taff Ely IBC now have two new sponsors, Keith O'Connor and Jenkins Builders. More information to follow. 

14 March 2022: Our AGM for season 2021 - 22 is on the 10th April, starting at 3pm. This notice is displayed on all our internal notice boards. Please check for details.

14 March 2022: The Internal league tables have been updated as of week 20, the 13 March 2022. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. These tables are also on our Facebook page. 

13 March 2022: Our Club Champion James Wason, represented Taff Ely in the WIBA Champion of Champions at Bro Myrddin this weekend. He didn't let us down, having lost in the semi-finals to Dan Salmon. The eventual champion was Robert Chisholm. Well done James. 

7 March 2022: Our Internal league tables have been updated, and posted both on our web page and Facebook pages. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. Thank you.

1 March 2022: Can I wish you all a Happy St. David Day. Our Internal league tables have been updated, and displayed  as of week 18 the 27 February. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. Thank you. 

20 February 2022: Our Internal league tables have been updated, as of week 17 the 20th February. Our Facebook page has also been updated. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. Cheers..  

13 February 2022: Our Internal league tables have been updated, as of week 16, the 13th February. Our Facebook page has also been updated. As usual, please contact James Wason if you have any concerns. 

6 February 2022: The Internal league table has been updated, as of week 15 the 6th February. This is also on our Facebook page. Any concerns, please contact James Wason.  

29 January 2022: Taff Ely played a home match in the Club Championship East today, against Newport. Taff Ely won the match by 16 points to 6, and by 135 shots to 109. We had three winning rinks, skipped by James Wason who won by 30 shots to 8, skip Alan Malkin 23 - 13 and skip Lee Bridge 22 - 15.  Well done all of you.  

26 January 2022: The external Championship tables have been updated as of today, and displayed on Facebook and on this website. Thank you, and stay safe. 

24 January 2022: The Internal fixtures have been updated as of week 13, the 23rd January. As usual, please contact James Wason over any concerns. 

24 January 2022: The Championship Club and Over 60's fixture, result and table updates can be found in the Championship section. They have been updated as of today, but do not include the away defeat against the Rhondda. These can also be found on our Facebook page. 

19 January 2022: A result just in, Taff Ely won their Over 60's Championship East match at home against Islwyn today. The score was 12 points to 2, and 90 shots to 72. Winning rinks were skipped by; Mark Thomas won by 30 shots to 16, Jack Griffiths won by 23 - 22, Reg Rand lost 9 - 21 and Rob Richards won 28 - 13. A great result, well done all.

16 January 2022: The Internal fixture tables have been updated for week 12. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. 

15 January 2022: Taff Ely played an Over 60's Championship East match away at Sully yesterday. We lost the match by 2 points to 12, and by 53 shots to 93. The rink scores were; Reg Rand lost 7 - 23, Jack Griffiths lost 9 - 29, Rob Richards lost 14 - 24 and Alan Malkin won 23 - 17. Our next match is at home on Wednesday 19 January 2022.  

11 January 2022: The internal league tables have been updated as of week 11, 9th January. These have also been published on our Facebook page. Any concerns, please contact James Wason.  

5 January 2022: Hi everyone, Happy New Year to you all. The Club and Over 60's Championship updates are now both on our external fixtures section. The Over 60's table is not up to date, as of today. I have sent an email to Neil Jones, to ask why, and am awaiting a replay. When they are done, I will update them. Cheers all, and take care and stay safe. 

 26 December 2021: Our internal league tables have been updated as of week 10, the 17th December. If you have any concerns, please contact James Wason. I hope you all have a Happy New Year.

23 December 2021: I would like to wish all our members and friends, near and far, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you all enjoy your festivities.  

11 December 2021Good evening all, just an update on todays WIB Club Championship East match. Taff Ely played at home against Sully, and we won the match by 16 points to 6, and by 126 shots to 114. We had three rinks up, and three down. Well done all.

6 December: Our Internal league tables have been updated and displayed, as of week 8.

 5 December: Here are the rink scores from yesterdays win over Merthyr,                            Rink Skips:  M. Thomas 29 - 16, M. Corcoran 27 - 13, J. McCormack 13 - 33, G. Davies 20 - 23, L. Bridge 19 - 18 and finally  R. Rand 19 - 15. 

4 December 2021: Taff Ely played their Club Championship East match at home today, against Merthyr. We won by 18 points to 4, and by 127 shots to 118. Well done all, 2 rinks up this morning and 2 rinks up this afternoon. 

29 November 2021: I have some very sad news to give our bowling members. I found out this morning, that Bryn Roberts has passed away. He was found in his home, by the Police, after some friends were concerned as they had not seen him. Further notifications will be posted in due course.                                                                                                             Bryn had been a member of Taff Ely IBC for many years, and had also played outdoors for Beddau and Pontypridd. He will be sadly missed by all his friends at our bowls club. 

Our Internal League table has been updated and posted as of today, the 29 November.

8 November 2021: Our Internal League table has been updated, as of the 6th November week 4. Any concerns, please contact James Wason. Our Facebook page has also been updated. 

6 November 2021: Today, Taff Ely played their first Championship East match at home against the Rhondda. Unfortunately we lost the match by 5 points to 17, and 118 shots to 131. We had two winning rinks and one drawn. The winning rinks were skipped by Gareth Davies (24 - 22) and Rob Richards (20 - 10), and the drawn rink skipped by Damian Hallett (21 - 21). Well done everyone, onward now to our next match against Sophia Gardens at home on Wednesday 17th November in the Over 60's Championship 

31 October 2021: The Internal Fixture table has been updated, as of end of week 3. Any concerns, please James Wason. Thank you. 

24 October 2021: The Internal Table section has been updated, as of the 18th October '21. Any concerns, please see James Wason. Thank you. 

22 October2021: You can now find the Men's Championship East fixtures in our Ext. Fixtures section. Our first game is on the 6th November, at home to the Rhondda. There is a trial games on the 30th October for all bowlers who want to be considered for the Club or Over 60's games. This is also displayed on our Facebook page. 

9 October 2021: I have updated the Internal fixtures, so please check them out. Nothing major, but James and Judith wanted them uploaded onto our website. Thank you. 

30 September 2021:

The Internal Fixtures are now published, see them all in their section. 

20 September 2021:

I have had news that our Club Championship East fixtures are available on the new WIB website. But no news on the Over 60's fixtures as yet. Just log on and see the new unified information pages. Taff Ely fixtures are below     

 6/11/2021 - Home v Rhondda, 20/11/2021 - Away v Sully, 27/11/2021 - Away v Merthyr Tydfil, 4/12/2021 - Home v Merthyr Tydfil, 11/12/2021 - Home v Sully, 22/1/2022 - Away v Rhondda, 29/1/2022 - Home v Newport and 5/2/2022 - Away v Newport. Just 5 teams in the East. section. 

August 2021:

Good afternoon to you all, Last week on the 28th July, I put out a message for all Taff Ely bowlers. I was asking you to contact Lorraine Bailyes at our indoor bowls club, if you were entering teams for the coming winter season.

The phone number is  01443 491952

The response has been poor really, in that we only have 9 teams registered covering all our leagues! On Sunday evening 2 teams have registered, 1 on Monday morning, none on Monday evening, 1 on Tuesday evening, none on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon, 2 on Thursday evening and 3 on Friday evening. So can you please help us by registering your teams, as we need time to do the fixtures and publish them.

Monday morning and afternoon sessions are now open for social bowls, depending on numbers. Just call Lorraine at the club, for more information.

How do you like the thought, of playing Triples with maximum of 5 per team? Three woods per player. If interested, please let us know.

Thank you for your time in reading this message, it is much appreciated.          Colin Jones. �� 

The opening hours will be 
12 - 2pm
  5 - 7pm

If this is not convenient then please let us know and we can make personal arrangements. 

Stay safe ����
The bowls club will be open on Wednesday 18 March if anyone needs to collect personal items / bowls etc. 

The opening hours will be 
12 - 2pm
  5 - 7pm

If this is not convenient then please let us know and we can make personal arrangements. 

Stay safe ����

Thursday 25 June: Alan Malkin has asked me to put a message on our Taff Ely webpage. Alan and his family want to thank everyone for their condolences, sympathy cards, donations and overwhelming support after Brenda's sad death.  It was lovely to see everyone turnout for Brenda's funeral yesterday, it was a great comfort for him and his family. Thank you all again, from us all.

July 2021:

 Afternoon everyone, I am writing this message to let you all know of the change of the ladies and men's indoor bowls. As you may all know, both the WLIBA and the WIBA have unified.

The new name will now be the Welsh Indoor Bowls (WIB). Below is their first Newsletter, starting as Edition 1 July 2021. It's well worth a read.
Seen by 19

Friday 11 June:

There was a very disappointing low turn out of members for the AGM this year, considering the difficulties experienced during the past 15 months.
AGM Notes of Interest
Club membership will be £30 for 12 months from September, plus £3 locker rental (£5 for non members)
Rink fees will be £3.00 per 2 hour session. £4.00 non members
All unfinished leagues from 2019/20 season will remain that, and all unpaid prize monies will be retained by the club.
The committee nominated Mr Colin Jones as the new Club President, which he gladly accepted. 
There will be different officers in certain posts from next season, here is the full list. as elected:
Chairman - Rob Richards 
Vice Chair - Steve Richards 
Secretary -  Colin Jones
Treasurer -  Judith Wason
Internal Fixtures -  James Wason
External Fixtures - Colin Jones
WIBA Delegates - Colin Jones / Rob Richards 
Competitions Sec - Steve Richards 
Ladies Rep. - Sue Pitt
Committee - Barbara Brown, Mike Chivers , David Owen
Club Captain - Rob Richards 
Ladies Selectors -  Tracy Gowen Chown Judith Wason
Finally, Rob presented Dave Bartlett with a memento to keep in appreciation for all his sterling work he has done for the club during his time as secretary. Everyone wishes Sandie and Dave all the best in the future with their move to Kent.

Tuesday 4 May:


In case any players wish to play indoors throughout the summer, your competition secretary is prepared to run one, or more, internal competitions (format to be decided), culminating in finals before the new indoor season commences. These can be mixed. Please let us know your thoughts on here.......

Thank you 

Monday 3 May: Your committee sat this morning and have the following announcement to make:

The bowls club will reopen on Monday 17 May 2021. If we are still under current restrictions, we will have to have a maximum of 15 people in the building, and can only use rinks 1 and 3, and have to play in masks (no visors).
To ensure the club doesn't open at a loss, Lorraine knows that we need a minimum of 6 players per rink, and will book and open accordingly.
You need to make a booking in advance by calling the club on 01443 491952, or Lorraine on 07495 534694.
There is still no membership fee (this will be discussed at the upcoming AGM, and will start probably start again in September). The rink fees remain at £4.00 per 2 hour (or 1 hour) session.
The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 6 June, at 2pm. In due course, notices for the posts of Officers and committee will be posted on here, and you will be invited to vote by proxy, if you feel you cannot attend the AGM. All notices and votes have to be with the club secretary by the end of May to count.
Please remember the club is still actively looking for a new secretary, treasurer and committee member(s). Details will be on the notice board on 17 May.

Thank you.


Sunday 25 April:   Colin Jones, your WIBA rep, has received a report from the recent WIBA meetings (zoom) he has been attending, that needs input from club members. It is all to do with the future format of Welsh competitions, so please take the time to read this document and let Colin have your thoughts and ideas so he can put forward the club's decision on 21 May.

Thank you
APRIL 2021.
Committee members, Mike Flanagan, Neil Jones, Ashley Reese, Dai Prosser, Peter Groom, Colin Rees and John Phillips. Nigel Williams was drafted on to the group when we discussed open tournaments.
The sub-committee set up by the management committee met on five separate occasions and worked their way through the whole range of competitions and tournaments organised by the association.
The terms of reference for the group were set out in the first meeting and included: -
Any changes put forward for consideration had to be for the long-term benefit of indoor bowls in Wales.
The possible financial implications for individual clubs had to be taken into consideration.
All suggestions put on the table by group members or individual clubs, or bowlers would be discussed seriously and with an open mind.
The majority vote of the group would prevail in any suggestions put forward to the management committee for consideration.
Prior to the first meeting the group members were asked to submit any proposals for change that they had in writing to the secretary, these proposals would then form the basis of our discussions.
Proposals were received from Neil Jones, Ashley Reese, Dai Prosser, Colin Rees and John Phillips, a few individual bowlers submitted suggestions either via email or social media, all of these were discussed during the initial meeting and an agenda was drawn up for the series of proposed meetings.
The second meeting of the group was dedicated to the Championship structure and following open and expansive discussions the group put forward the following proposals for consideration: -
The league fixture list would be spread evenly over the season, with half the fixture prior to Christmas and the other half from January to the end of March.
Games would remain at 21 ends or four hours.
Match Results must be sent to the league secretary immediately after the completion of the game by text or email, this will allow the league tables to be updated by Sunday morning on our website, result cards would still have to be submitted to the league secretary in the normal way and any discrepancies would be followed up and corrected by the league secretary.
The following options were also considered: -
Proposal 1.
The Championship is reduced to four rinks, this would strengthen the competition which could benefit future Welsh Team Selection but there would be a significant financial loss of income for clubs that might not be acceptable.
If proposal one is accepted, then proposals 2, 3 and 4 are lost.
Proposal 2. 
The Championship was reduced to four rinks with two feeder rinks playing alongside the four championship rinks, this would allow clubs the opportunity to play young and up and coming bowlers alongside the championship team and would provide a feeder structure for clubs. This proposal would also protect the income of clubs. The feeder rinks would have their own league table.
If proposal two is accepted, then proposal 3 and 4 are lost.
Proposal 3.
The Championship is reduced to five rinks, this would again strengthen competition but would also reduce the loss of income for clubs.
If proposal three is accepted, then proposal 4 is lost.
Proposal 4. 
The status quo was maintained.
The league secretary would produce a fixture list as early as possible following the completion on the previous season, this would be circulated to clubs who would have the opportunity to re-arrange a limited number of fixtures by mutual consent, prior to the printing of the handbook, if there was no mutual agreement the date of the fixture would be that published by the league secretary. Once the handbook has been published no fixtures can be changed or postponed except for inclement weather or exceptional circumstances.
If possible when setting out the fixture list rugby international weekends would be avoided.
The second meeting of the group looked at the over 60s Championship, the group was happy with the set-up of the Championship but recognised that there were difficulties surrounding the arrangement of fixtures.
The following proposals were discussed: -
Proposal 1.
All stadiums play their matches on Wednesdays, at present most teams play on a Wednesday but one or two play on different days. Clubs should consider the possibility of adjusting their playing calendar over the next year to allow this to happen at the start of the 2022/23 season.
If proposal one is passed, then proposal 2 is lost.
Proposal 2
The League Secretary will set the week that the fixture must be played in, but the home club will select the day of the week they play on, this would have to be notified to the league secretary prior to the start of the season to allow him to work out the fixtures.
Clubs would be allowed to re-arrange a limited number of fixtures by mutual agreement prior to the printing of the handbook but once the handbook is printed matches can only be cancelled due to inclement weather or exceptional circumstances.
The reporting of results would be in line with those set for Championship Matches.
The group then met to discuss the Merit Table.
Currently Merit Table matches can vary from four rinks up to six rinks the group felt that this did not provide a true reflection of what has become a competitive league and allowed clubs the opportunity to influence the way results were reached.
The following proposals were recommended: -
Proposal 1.
The Merit Table should become a four rink Championship.
Proposal 2.
Half of the matches should be played before Christmas with the remainder from January to March.
Proposal 3.
All points must be played for, clubs would not be allowed to share points for rinks not played.
Proposal 4.
Fixture secretaries would continue to arrange the fixtures, they would then be submitted to the league secretary by 30th September of the playing season once this is done matches can only be cancelled due to inclement weather or exceptional circumstances.
Match results to be send to the league secretary in line with other leagues.
There was some confusion as to whether tournaments were part of the groups remit, it was agreed that the group would look at the tournament set up and would invite Nigel Williams the tournament secretary to get actively involved in the discussions. The panel agreed that the tournaments were currently well run, however there was concern about the increased number of players and sides that either dropped out the day before a round was due to be played or failed to turn up on the day of the event. This was more prevalent in the over 60s tournaments.
The panel made the following proposals: -
Proposal 1.
The over 60s tournaments should revert to it previous format with the tournament secretary setting the closing date for each round, but players would arrange the matches themselves on agreed dates. The league secretary would publish a new set of tournament rules.
Proposal 2.
Consideration should be given to the future of the over 60s pairs and over 50s triples, the winners of these tournaments do not progress to the BIIBC Championships, it was suggested that they be dropped from the calendar of events, the group recognised that once again there would be financial implications for clubs.
The discussion moved on to consider the open tournaments, an email had been received asking that the draws for these tournaments should be a true open draw from the first round, the group considered this but felt that at present the entry numbers were too large to allow this to happen and would greatly increase the amount of travelling that players would have to undertake. The group looked at trialling one tournament during the 2022/23 season with it being run on a regional basis (see attached sheet). from the first round to the last 32 which would be an open draw for each round up to the final. 
It was agreed following discussions with Nigel Williams that the open fours tournament would be the easiest to organise as a trial event.
A suggestion was also received from Pontardawe IBC that the WIBA arrange an end of season tournament that would include the top 32 players from the ranking list in an event over one or two weekends, this suggestion will need further investigation when stadiums re-open to find out if the players on the ranking list would be interested in playing.
Due to the unknown effects of the pandemic the panel recognised that clubs when they re-open will be putting all their energies into getting players back on the green and possibly might not be ready for immediate change it recommends that any changes agreed would not be implemented until the commencement of the 2022/23 season.
The panel also recommend that a time limit for re-introducing changes to competitions and tournaments be put in place to allow any changes made a fair opportunity.
John Phillips
On behalf of the panel members.

Friday 23 April: Following the latest Welsh government announcement yesterday, we are pleased to announce that we can get things moving within the club, once again.

Here is the timeline:
The committee are meeting on Monday 3 May.
The club will be open for bowls from Monday 10 May.
However, as it was when we were last open, we are still governed by restrictions and social distancing, and this means a maximum of 15 people in the building at any one time.
Now that the outdoor season has started, we have no idea what the interest will be, therefore we will be operating a booking system again.
During the week 4 - 7 May, Lorraine will be within the club to take your bookings / enquiries (hours to be published), or you can call her on‭ 07495 534694‬.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. 


 Monday 22 FebruaryIt is with with much sadness, and shock, that we have to announce the passing of Adrian Dash. Ady was a great stalwart and Captain of the club and will be sorely missed.

Adrian has been suffering with cancer. Our thoughts and condolences go to Eira and the rest of the family. 


Tuesday 2 Feb:

 The Club is actively looking for members to undertake the role of these posts:

Honorary Secretary

The role and duties to include:


Be computer literate


Attend Committee meetings, and to prepare and distribute Minutes thereafter


Prepare and present documentation necessary for AGM including Minutes


Chair meetings in the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair persons


Manage Suggestions box


Manage all correspondence entering club, including email


Maintain notice boards


Update Club Constitution when necessary


Ideally maintain club website and Facebook pages


Ideally be a key holder 


Honorary Treasurer

The role and duties to include:


Be computer literate


Please contact the club secretary (in private) if you wish to discuss further. 

Tuesday 8 December:
Good afternoon all,
It is with regret that the club is now closed until Monday 4 January, at the earliest. Lorraine has today tested positive with Covid-19 and has to self isolate. 
Please use this information to make your own personal judgements, if you have visited the club recently.  We wish her well.
However, as we can no longer provide the staffing we need, and Christmas is approaching fast, we have taken the decision to close down until the New Year.
Please stay safe, and have an enjoyable festive season.

Monday 9 November:

Here is the latest 'newsletter' from your committee:

The club is remaining open using the continued 3 sessions per day, Mon - Fri, and under the current advance booking system you can book slots many days in advance, so please call Lorraine during these sessions; (10-12, 12.30-2.30, 6-8).

There will be no leagues run before Christmas, but we're hoping to start in the New year depending on government restrictions at the time. However, we aim to play-off any decisive league fixtures outstanding from last season, in December.
We are also planning to have a FINALS WEEKEND for last seasons' outstanding finals, over the weekend of 5-6 December (this will be both the men and ladies finals).
Due to loss of finances during this unprecedented year, and the lack of bowls played by our members, the committee have had to make the following decisions:
There will be NO membership fees for this current season, and anyone who has already paid has three options:
  1. Donate your fee this season for the good of the club 
  2. Carry the fee forward to next season
  3. Ask for a refund.
As of Monday 16 November 2020, rink fees will be £4.00 per person, per session (up to two hours, and all competitions). This applies to members, and non-members alike. We believe this is the fairest way to move forward, by the pay to play method.
These fees decisions are purely for this current season, and will be reviewed prior to next season. 
There has been no decision yet on when the AGM will be held.

Please remember to follow all Covid-19 guidelines, sign in the Track & Trace book every time you enter the club, (also your temperature will now be tested every time upon arrival), stay safe, and above all enjoy your bowls.


Monday 2 November: 

Reopening of Taff Ely IBC

It is planned to reopen the bowls club from Monday 9 November, and the opening hours will be as before with three sessions per day:
Those sessions are
Monday - Friday
10am - 12pm
12.30pm - 2.30pm
6pm - 8pm
Please bear in mind that we are still governed by the current government Covid guidelines regarding social distancing and face coverings, and following the news today, we are now limited to just 14 players & 1 staff in the hall at any one time.
There are NO local lockdowns so people can travel to play from anywhere (except England)!
Please make your bookings via Lorraine, who will be at the club every day this week between 10am and 12 noon.
However, remember that if not enough bookings are taken to open up next Monday, we will do the same again for another week, and review the situation again.
The committee are conscious of the lack of bowls this season and will be reviewing membership fees in due course.

Thank you.


Saturday 3 October: 

The committee have decided to reopen the club on Monday 19 October with the following provisos:

Until the government lifts the local lockdowns, the club can only be used by people living within the RCT.
Face coverings must be worn at all times.
There must be enough interest shown (advance bookings) to make opening the club financially viable. A final decision will be made around the 15 October. If we do these are the guidelines...
The club will reopen on Monday 19 October for 3 x 2 hour sessions per day, (Monday - Friday only). These times will be 10am, 12:30pm and 6pm. Only rinks 1 & 3 can be used and bookings must be made in advance by telephone.
Lorraine will only open up for those sessions if a minimum of 8 people are booked, but up to a maximum of 16. This two week period will allow people to have roll-ups, pay their subscriptions (now £30 each) and register their teams for the upcoming leagues. There is no increase in rink fees, or league registrations.
Finally, to ensure the club remains open, it is essential that everyone uses common sense when it comes to social distancing, and follows the guidance on the safety information poster.
Lorraine will be at the club from Monday 5 October, 10am - 12 noon daily to take bookings and to muster interest.


Wednesday 2 September: 

Your committee had a meeting this evening to decide on how to reopen the club, whilst keeping everyone safe, and back playing bowls.

Here is the program of events, (which can change if Government or BowlsWales guidance changes).
The club will reopen on Monday 14 September for 3 x 2 hour sessions per day, (Monday - Friday only). These times will be 10am, 12:30pm and 6pm. Only rinks 1 & 3 can be used and bookings must be made in advance by telephone. 
Lorraine will only open up for those sessions if a minimum of 8 people are booked, but up to a maximum of 16. This two week period will allow people to have roll-ups, pay their subscriptions (now £30 each) and register their teams for the upcoming leagues. There is no increase in rink fees, or league registrations.
During October, the club will continue to open on the days and times previously stated, however, as well as roll-ups, we will use this month to play off any deciding league matches from last season, plus the 4 Mens' Finals, and 2 Ladies Finals. If demand dictates, we will open up more sessions. 
There will be notices on the boards detailing the league fixtures, dates of tournament Finals, and lists for future tournaments.
On Sunday 1 November, it is hopeful that the internal leagues will commence, but as we can only use two rinks per session there will be more byes added, and hopefully no double-sessions. Please be patient with the league organisers, this will be a different, and difficult challenge for them to put together, but hopefully we can all enjoy bowls this forthcoming season.
Finally, to ensure the club remains open, it is essential that everyone uses common sense when it comes to social distancing, and follows the guidance on the safety information poster.
The 2020 club AGM will be held on Sunday 4 October, at 2pm. Please watch the notice boards for further information. 
Thank you.

Thursday 25 June: Alan Malkin has asked me to put a message on our Taff Ely webpage. Alan and his family want to thank everyone for their condolences, sympathy cards, donations and overwhelming support after Brenda's sad death.  It was lovely to see everyone turnout for Brenda's funeral yesterday, it was a great comfort for him and his family. Thank you all again.

Saturday 20 June:  Good afternoon everyone, I have an update about Brenda Malkin's funeral from Carol Morton. They will be leaving the house on Wednesday 24th June at 13.55, and the service will be at 14.15 at the Glyn Taf Crematorium.  As you all know, there will be a limited number allowed at Brenda's funeral, so for those who want to pay their respects, you can stand at their home at 17, Hollybush Terrace, Tonteg, or, you can stand outside the crematorium, either on the road approach or outside the Crem itself if allowed. You will all have to adhere to local social distancing rules. Thank you.  Colin.

Wednesday 15 April:  It's with great sadness that our President Dave Evans passed away in the night. I have no details as yet, but his daughter phoned Lorraine Bailyes earlier this morning to let us know. Our thoughts and prayers, are with Maureen and her family at this sad time. When we hear anything else, we will let you all know.

Monday 16 March (6pm):  Following the Governments advice this afternoon, on restricting social gatherings and visiting clubs, the committee decided it was in everyone's best interest to close the club for the rest of the season.  All remaining league fixtures, club finals, TVR matches are stopped.  The AGM will be rescheduled for (hopefully) September.  The finals will be played at the earliest opportunity in the new season, and the committee will no doubt make a decision about outstanding league payouts during the summer months.  Arrangements will be made for members to collect any personal items from the club in due course.  Thank you for your understanding, but most of all BE SAFE.  

Wednesday 4 March:  TVR game played earlier this afternoon. A closely fought game across all four rinks, with Taff Ely having the lead for the best part of the match. However the home team came strong towards the end and won on three rinks to our one. Result Pontardawe 10 - 2 Taff Ely (63-54).  We can no longer win this league this year and it's even going to be a battle to finish 2nd.  Well done and thank you to those who played today.  Two more TVR fixtures remain:  Wed 25 March away at Ogwr.  Wed 8 April home vs Cynon Valley.

Wednesday 26 February:  Our TVR team lost at Merthyr Tydfil today 10-2.  Details on TVR page 

Wednesday 19 February:  Unfortunately our O'60s lost their QF match against Sully this afternoon (played at Llanelli IBC), by 14 shots with 2 winning rinks per side! 

Sunday 16 February:  Due to Pontypridd being in the centre of a RED ALERT weather warning, the club will be closed this evening. All teams will be awarded 1 point each.

Wednesday 12 February:  We lost our home TVR game against Pontardawe by just 6 shots (58-64), which equates to 4-8 in points. ��. Good effort everyone

Monday 10 February:  Our Over 60's Championship East match vs Sully has now been moved back a day to Wednesday 19 February (due to funerals at Sully).  This is a directive from the WIBA.  As a consequence our TVR home match against Cynon Valley on 19 February will also have to be moved (to Wed 8 April).

Wednesday 29 January:  Today Taff Ely played their last Over 60's Championship East match, against Radnor. We won on all four rinks. Score was 14 points to nil, and 106 shots to 57. Well done all. Our reward is a quarter final match against Sully, at Llanelli on Tuesday 18th February with a 2pm start. Good luck boys.

Sunday 26 January: Today our Ladies DJ League team won their final league match, away at Cardiff 0-8  (15-21, 9-31).  This means they are now in the National Final once again.  It will be played on Saturday 21 Match.  Venue and opposition to be confirmed.  Well done Ladies.

Wednesday 15 January: This afternoon, Taff Ely supplied a rink to play for WIBA President Mike Doody against a Cardiff select side at Sophia Gardens. The rink was Mark Thomas, Colin Jones, Mark Saunders and skip Adrian Dash. We played a rink from Llantrisant, and won by 31 shots to 11. It was the best winning rink for the Presidents team, and Mike Doody presented us with a memorable prize of a slate coaster, a special coin and monogramed pen. All were inscribed with Mike's Presidenal WIBA design. Cardiff put on a lovely buffet, and there was a draw for charity. This season's charity was for the Air Ambulance for Children, one of Mike's deserving causes and £75 was raised. A good afternoon of bowling, and good company as well. And a big thank you to Cardiff IBC for hosting the event. 

Saturday 11 January:   The result from today's Championship East match against Sully, was a win for Sully. The score was 3 points to 19, and 124 shots to 131. A closer game than scores suggest, with us having a winning rink skipped by Brian Stock and a drawn rink skipped by Mike Smith. We were 10 shots down from our morning session, but our afternoon rinks did very well. Two rinks coming from behind, one with a draw for Mike's rink (21 each) and Ian Randell rink missing out by 1 shot. Brian's rink winning 23 to 19. Well done everyone. 

Wednesday 18 December:  TVR League.  Taff Ely 3 - 9 Merthyr Tydfil (57-69).  A good effort from everyone today, against a formiddable looking Merthyr side.

Sunday 10 November:  Taff Ely played Radnor yesterday, in a WIBA Club Championship match. Taff Ely won by 18 points to 4, and 114 shots to 99:

Adrian Dash 21 v 12 James Wason 19 v 13

Alan Malkin 28 v 8 Mike Smith 24 v 15

Ian Randell 11 v 28  Lee Bridge 11 v 23

Well done everyone, in a very good home win. 

Thursday 7 November:  Over 60's Championship 6th November:

Sophia 66 v 82 Taff Ely.  12 points to 2 win for Taff Ely.  

Reg Rand 19 v 17  Adrian Dash 19 v 14

Mark Saunders 28 v 14 Alan Malkin 16 v 21

Thursday 31 October -  Our team to play away against Sophia is in Men's Team Selection.  It is a WIBA Over 60's Championship match. It's a 2pm start, and dress code is whites

Saturday 26 October - Updated league tables now published 

Monday 21 October - Team slection for Wednesday's Over 60's home game can be viewed here

Saturday 21 October:  Taff Ely had a difficult match today, away against Sully in the Club Championship.  We were well beaten, and lost on all 6 rinks. The score was 0 points to 22, and 92 shots to 151. Rink results on Men's Team page.

Friday 18 October: The team for tomorrows game away at Sully can be found on the Men's Team Selection page. 

Tuesday 15 October: A new (old) photograph has recently come to light of the club in its' former days as an Old Goods Yard.  This can be seen on our 'History' page.

Sunday 13 October:  TVR game this Wednesday has to be postponed.  Ogwr can't raise a team! 

Saturday 12 October:  Excellent result against Rhondda today. 130-130 (9-13 to them) 

Thursday 11 October:  All members are reminded of the WIBA ruling that shorts are NOT premitted during any WIBA League or Competition match.  Your co-operation is appreciated. 

Thursday 11 October: Congratulations to the TVR League team on winning thier 1st game of the season, 4-8 away at Cynon Valley 

Wednesday 18 September:  Team 3 have withdrawn from the Sunday evning league... 

Wednesday 11 September:  All the new league fixtures have now been published, use the menu on the left to navigate there... 

Wednesday 14 August: Ladies DJ League fixtures now in Ladies Section 

Monday 8 July:  All WIBA External and Taff Vale Railway League fixtures are now on the website in their respective sections. 

Sunday 7 April: We had a visit this afternoon from the WIBA President, Mr Peter Groom, who came to watch our Fours Final.  Photos can be viewed in the 2018/19 Photos section.  Congratulations to Simon, Ken, Howard & Lee in winning the final.

Sunday 7 April: Huge Congratulations to our Ladies today, who won the WELSH DJ LEAGUE FINAL, beating Earlswood (at Merthyr Tydfil).  Photo in Ladies Bowls.

Thursday 4 April:  Our Ladies play in the Final of the DJ League, this Sunday.  Their opponents are Earlswood and is being played at Merthyr Tydfil, starting at 10am.  Your support will be welcomed.

Saturday 30 March:  Taff Ely IBC are the League winners in the inaugural year of this competition.  Although they tied on points with Ogwr, Taff Ely  attained +82 shots over their nearest rivals, and the league decider went down to the final game. Thank you to all who took part in making this league work this year, and let's hope it can go onto bigger and better things in the years to come... TVR

Wednesday 27 March:  Our final TVR match of the season saw us contine our fine form with a 4-8 away win at Pontardawe.  The title decider will be played on Saturday between Ogwr v Pontardawe, and if the away team score any points then we will win the league!!  

Wednesday 13 March:  A great result in our final TVR home game, 12-0 against Merthyr Tydfil.  Well played everyone.  Just the one away game remaining at Pontardawe on 27 March

Thurday 7 March:  The teams for the TVR game on Wednesday have been selected, and can be viewed here 

Wednesday 6 March: A good home win today in the TVR League, winning 10-2 against Pontardawe.  Details can be found here 

Monday 18 February:  The game this Wednesday against Pontardawe has been postponed until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Saturday 16 February:  Big congratulations to our Ladies team today who travelled to Newport for their final DJ League game of the season, a game they needed to win.  I am pleased to say they won on both rinks, 34 - 49, meaning they win their league and will now play Earlswood Ladies in the final, at Merthyr Tydfil, on Sunday 7 April, starting at 10am.

Wednesday 13 February:  An excellent result away today in the TVR League, a 4-8         (44 - 78) win over Merthyr Tydfil.  Well played everyone. TVR League

Tuesday 12th February: Gordon Harry's funeral will be on Monday 25th Feb at Coity Crem Bridgend at 12.pm. His family invite you for refreshments at Pontyclun Althetic Bowls Club after his funeral, to celebrate Gordon's life.

Monday 11 February:  The teams for the TVR game on Wednesday have been selected, and can be viewed here 

Saturday 9 February:  An excellent result at home today in the TVR League, a 12-0      (101-47) win over Cynon Valley.   There is a good chance that our next game could be away at Merthyr on Wednesday 13 February (if both sides can raise a team), otherwise it is away at Pontardawe on Wednesday 20 February   

Monday 4 February:  The teams for the TVR game on Saturday have been selected, and can be viewed here 

Thursday 31 January:  The club will CLOSED Thursday evening, and Friday morning, due to potentially bad weather. 

Wednesday 30 January:  We managed a 6-6 draw away today at Ogwr in the TVR League.   Although we only won on one rink, two other rinks only lost by 1 shot in a nail biting climax to the game which saw us win the match by just 5 shots.  TVR League.  Well done and thank you to all those who played.  There are two more of these friendly league fixtures coming up next month, so please watch the boards for availability sheets. 

Wednesday 30th January: The team to play Newport away, in our last Over 60's Championship East match this Saturday is detailed in the Team Selection section.  

Tuesday 29 January:  The team to play Ogwr away in the TVR League, on Wednesday 30 January, has been selected and can be viewed on our Fb page, or here

Saturday 26th January: Taff Ely lost their last Club Championship East match, away against Sully. Rink players and scores, can be found in our Team Selection section. 

Wednesday 23rd January: The men's team to play Sully away, in our last Club Championship East match can be found in the Men's Team Selection section.  

Wednesday 16th January: Taff Ely lost their Over 60's Championship East match away against Cardiff. See team and rink scores in our Team Selection section.  Updated fixtures list here  

Monday 14th January: The team to play Cardiff away in an Over 60's Championship East match (Wednesday 16th January) has been selected, and can be found in the Men's Team Selection section. Good luck all.  

Friday 4 January:   Congratulations to Maggie Smith & Howard Pullin who today became the Mixed Pairs Champions for 2019, beating Sandie & Dave Bartlett in a closely fought contest.

Thursday 20 December:  The latest club league tables (14 December) are now published, as are the Mixed Pairs Competitions, to be found on their respective club pages.... 

Saturday 15th December: Taff Ely lost their Club Championship East match away against Rhondda. Check rink and match scores, in our Men's Team Selection section.  

Taff Ely Ladies won their DJ match vs Merthyr Ladies on both rinks (scores to follow).  One of our Ladies, Sue Pitt, took a tumble (shoulder) and ended up in A&E.  More details when known. 

Tuesday 11 December:  The first Ladies DJ League competion is being played at home (10am) on Saturday 15 December,  the teams selected can be viewed in Ladies Bowls.  Please come along and givethem your valued support. 

The Men's Team Selection has been made, and posted on our notice board, and in our Team Selection section.    

Sunday 9th December: Taff Ely lost their home KO cup match against Rhondda. Please see the Men's Team Selection section for more details.

Thursday 6th December: The team to play in the WIBA KO Cup at home against Rhondda, has been selected and posted. Good luck.   

Sunday 2nd December: Taff Ely lost their WIBA Club Championship East match against Radnor, yesterday 1st December. The score was 6 points to 16, and 115 shots to 130. The details can be found in the Team Selection section. 

Thursday 29 November:  Team selection for saturday is now under Men's Team Selection 

Sunday 25 November   The funeral of the late, great Aldwyn David will be taking place on Wednesday 28 November, at 10.30am, at Glyntaff Crematorium, followed by refreshments at Llantwit Fardre  Sports Club.

As a consequence the TVR League fixture away ay Merthyr Tydfil that afternoon has been postponed. 

Wednesday 7th November: Taff Ely won their Over 60's Championship East match today, against Sophia Gardens by 14 points to nil, and by 124 shots to 41.The details can be found in our Men's Team Selection section.

Our team to play Ogwr away in a Club Championship East match, this Saturday the 10th November, has been posted in the Men's Team Selection section, and can also be found on our Facebook page.  

Friday 2nd November: The team to play Sophia Gardens next Wednesday 7th November, in an Over 60's Championship East match has been posted. Check out the Men's Team Selection section. Good luck.  

Wednesday 31st October: Taff Ely played away against Caerphilly today, winning by 14 points to nil and 105 shots to 56. Full details can be found in our Men's Team Selection section.  

Saturday 27th October: Taff Ely played Rhondda today, losing by 4 points to 18, and by 101 shots to 143. Full details can be found in our Men's Team Selection section. 

Thursday 25th October: The team to play away against Caerphilly next Wednesday, the 31st October in an Over 60's Championship East match has been posted. The match is being played at the Islwyn IBC stadium.  Please check our Team Selection section for more details. 

Wednesday 24th October: The Men's team to play at home against the Rhondda this Saturday, has been made and posted. Good luck boys. Please check out the Mens Team Selection section for details.

This afternoon the 24th October, a rink from Taff Ely were asked to play in the WIBA Presidents match away against Cynon Valley in Mountain Ash. Peter Groom of Ogwr, who is the current President, asked us to put a rink in personally, in aid of his charity Prostrate Cancer. The rink was Colin Jones, Gerry Edwards, Rob Richards and skip Adrian Dash. We won our game by 28 shots to 10, and Peter's team won the match without losing a rink. As reward for the best winning rink, Peter presented the four Taff Ely players with a wallet to mark the occasion. The whole afternoon was played in great spirit by all. Peter has other matches lined up, and has asked us if we could supply a rink again, which said we would. ����

Sunday 21st October:  Hi all, as you know Taff Ely have played Radnor recently in the Over 60's and Club Championship matches. I will update our results and tables shortly. Anyway, we lost the Over 60's by 69 shots to 88 away, having won two rinks each with a score of 4 points to 10. We had better luck in the Club Championship, that was played at Taff Ely. We won by 166 shots to 79, and by 22 points to nil. Two very good performances by Taff Ely.  

Thursday 18 October:  Eagle eyed visitors to the club would have noticed that some of our Honours Boards, and photographs have been taken down.  This is because the committee have decided to have a little tidy up and update some of these items.  Watch this space(s)!!

Sunday 14 October:  This seasons first publicised internal league tables have now been produced.  See them here 

Saturday 13 October:  Up and running.  We got our first win this afternoon in the new TVR League, away at Cynon Valley, by 56-79 (4-8).  The game was played in a friendly, competitive atmosphere and appeared to go very well.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Next match is away to Merthyr on Wednesday 28 November, 2pm.

Friday 12th October:  The team for our Over 60's match away against Radnor has been picked, and can be found in our Men's Team Selection section (here). It's on Wednesday 17th October. 

Thursday 11 October:   The team selected to play at Cynon Valley this Saturday can be viewed here.

Tuesday 9 October:   As published earlier, the round robin aspects of some of our internal leagues were being withdrawn.  The newly amended fixture sheets for Monday evening, Tuesday evening, Thursday afternoon and friday evening have now been published, and can be seen here.

Sunday 7th October:   Taff Ely lost their Club Championship east match yesterday away against Newport, by 2 points to 20 and by 113 shots to 144. We had one winning rink, skipped by Lee Bridge, and another that went down by 1 shot skipped by Ian Randell. Team players and scores can be found in our Team Selection section. Thank you.   

Wednesday 3rd October:   The team for the men's Club Championship East match has been made and published, and also the TVR team for their first home match of the season.

Dress code for TVR games is GREYS please.

Friday 28 September:   Our first two fixtures of the new TVR League will soon be with us. They are Home v Ogwr on 10 Oct and then away at Cynon Valley on Saturday 13 October. 

For the home game we need 2 mixed rinks at 10am, then 2 mixed rinks at 2pm. I’m pleased to say the availability list is filling up fast, especially for the morning rinks, so if you can spare a few hours in the afternoon on 10 October we need you.  

The away game on Saturday will br four mixed rinks at 2pm.  

Thanks for your time and consideration. 

Dave Bartlett

Monday 10 September:  It was decided at yesterdays' committee meeting to cancel all the round-robin competitins at the end of the season.  A continuation of league fixtures will replace them. (Under review).

Adrian Dash has agreed to remain as Championship Captain for this season. 

Wednesday 29 August:   The first league game of the new season is SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER, and then all the respective afternoon / evening games thereafter.  The new League Fixtures have been posted on our Internal League Fixtures page, and on the clubs' Facebook page

Friday 24 August:  The WIBA external fixtures have finally been completed, for all next seasons matches.  Including the outstanding radnor fixture!

Week commencing 6th August: 

The Ladies fixtures for their D - J League have been posted on our Calendar. First match is at home against Merthyr B, on the 13th October. Unfortunately, there are only 4 fixtures.

Week commencing 29th July

The WIBA external fixtures have been uploaded, for all next seasons matches. I am having trouble with Radnor in the Over 60's, and Neil Jones is helping me and other clubs with it.  

Our new Club Secretary Dave Bartlett will also be updating our website as well as myself, as you will see from the TVR League article. 

All our WIBA fixtures have been placed in Calendar, both the Club and Over 60's Championship East matches, along with the dates for the new TVR League. There is one outstanding fixture, and that is against Radnor in the Over 60's. Neil Jones the WIBA Fixture Secretary is trying to contact them for us, as I (Colin) have not had any replies from anyone up there!!  I will update our Calendar, and yourselves, once I have it.  

Saturday 28 July:

Our new Club Secretary Mr Dave Bartlett, has posted information on the new TVR Mixed League. Check out the new page for all the information. It looks like we should have some fun playing in this competition, what with it being a mixed league. So anyone who is interested, please contact Dave for further information.  Well done Dave for all you hard work in setting this league up. 




Congratulations to Maggie Smith and Howard Pullin on winning the Mixed Pairs Final this afternoon against Sandie and Dave Bartlett.